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2 simple Cisco 500-275 SSFAMP tips to pass exam

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Latest updated Cisco 500-275 SSFAMP exam practice question sharing (partial)


Which statement describes an advantage of cloud-based detection?

A. Limited customization allows for faster detection.
B. Fewer resources are required on the endpoint.
C. Sandboxing reduces the overall management overhead of the system.
D. High-speed analytical engines on the endpoint limit the amount of work the cloud must perform.

Correct Answer: B


Which tool can you use to query the history.DB file?

A. Curl
B. FireAMP_Helper.VBS
C. cscript
D. SQLite

Correct Answer: D


Custom whitelists are used for which purpose?

A. to specify which files to alert on
B. to specify which files to delete
C. to specify which files to ignore
D. to specify which files to sandbox

Correct Answer: C


How can customers feed new intelligence such as files and hashes to FireAMP?

A. by uploading it to the FTP server
B. from the connector
C. through the management console D. by sending it via email

Correct Answer: C


A default FireAMP Private Cloud installation can accommodate how many connectors over which period of time?

A. 100 connectors over a 15-day period
B. 1000 connectors over a 45-day period
C. 5000 connectors over a 10-day period
D. 500 connectors over a 30-day period

Correct Answer: D


When you are viewing information about a computer, what is displayed?

A. the type of antivirus software that is installed
B. the internal IP address
C. when the operating system was installed
D. the console settings

Correct Answer: B


Which statement about two-step authentication is true?

A. It is the ability to use two separate passwords.
B. It is the ability to enable biometric authentication.
C. It is the ability to have a passphrase sent to a mobile device.
D. It is the ability to use a verification code in conjunction with the correct username and password.

Correct Answer: D


The FireAMP Mobile endpoint connector currently supports which mobile OS device?

A. Firefox
C. Android
D. iPhone

Correct Answer: C


What do policies enable you to do?

A. specify a custom whitelist
B. specify group membership
C. specify hosts to include in reports
D. specify which events to view

Correct Answer: A


What is the default clean disposition cache setting?

A. 3600
B. 604800
C. 10080
D. 1 hour

Correct Answer: B


Which of these can you use for two-step authentication?

A. the Apple Authenticator app
B. the Google Authenticator app
C. a SecurID token
D. any RFC 1918 compatible application

Correct Answer: B


The FireAMP connector supports which proxy type?

B. HTTP_proxy
C. SOCKS5_filename

Correct Answer: B


Where does an administrator go to get a copy of a fetched file?

A. the Business Defaults page
B. the File menu, followed by Downloads
C. the File Repository
D. the Search selection in the Analysis menu

Correct Answer: C


When discussing the FireAMP product, which term does the acronym DFC represent?

A. It means Detected Forensic Cause.
B. It means Duplicate File Contents.
C. It means Device Flow Correlation.
D. It is not an acronym that is associated with the FireAMP product.

Correct Answer: C


In a FireAMP Private Cloud installation, which server does an administrator use to manage connector policy and view

A. opadmin..com
B. console..com
C. cloud..com
D. aws..com

Correct Answer: B

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