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NCP-5.15 exam

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Which two capabilities does IPAM provide in a Nutanix networking configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Allows proxy server settings to be set up for a defined network
B. Allows AHV to assign IP addresses automatically to VMs using DHCP
C. Configures a VLAN with an IP subnet and assigns a group of IP addresses
D. Configures firewall rules to prevent or allow certain TCP/IP traffic
Correct Answer: BC


What should be validated as part of the customer\\’s troubleshooting process?

A. The VLAN has been configured to use the proper bridge.
B. The VLAN has the proper gateway configured in the network settings in Prism.
C. The VLAN is unique to the Nutanix cluster, and not in use elsewhere in the network.
D. The VLAN is configured on the trunk of the upstream switch.
Correct Answer: B


Which Nutanix feature allows a Nutanix cluster to present iSCSI storage to an external device?

A. Acropolis File Service
B. Acropolis block service
C. Storage Pool
D. Storage container
Correct Answer: B


An administrator needs to determine current CPU usage across multiple clusters
Which method should the administrator use to get the information?

A. Prism central home
B. prism central home +ad widgtes
C. Prism central explore clusters
D. Prism central home manages dashboards.
Correct Answer: A


A Nutanix cluster is equipped with four nodes. Four VMs on this cluster have been configured with a VM-VM anti-affinity policy and are each being hosted by a different node. What occurs to the cluster and these VMs during an AHV

A. One node hosts two VMs while the node being upgraded is in maintenance mode.
B. One VM out of the four powers down when the node hosting it reboots.
C. The AHV pre-upgrade checks fail until the administrator disables the anti-affinity policy.
D. The AHV pre-upgrade checks fail until the four VMs are powered off.
Correct Answer: C


Which process should a cluster administrator follow to determine the uplink bond configuration node?

A. Log into the Nutanix CVM and execute the command manage_ovs_update_uplinks
B. Log into the Nutanix AHV host and execute the command ovs-appeal bond. show
C. Log into the Nutanix AHV host and execute the command ifconfig br0
D. Log into the Nutanix CVM and execute the command ovs-vsctl show
Correct Answer: B


what command is used to run the Nutanix cluster checks from the CVM CLI?
A. NCC health_check run_all
B. NCC run_all_health_check
C. NCC check_all health_options
D. NCC check_health run_all
Correct Answer: A


When license needs to be reclaimed from Host: (Choose 2)

A. While Destroying the Cluster
B. If you move nodes from one cluster to another, First reclaim the licenses, move the nodes, Then Re-Apply licenses
C. Return licenses to your Inventory when you remove one or more nodes from the cluster
Correct Answer: AB


An administrator needs to run a mixed Exchange and SQL workload with a guaranteed amount of container space for
each application.
How should the administrator meet this requirement?

A. Create one container and set capacity reservation
B. Create two containers and reserve space for containers
C. Create one container and enable compression
D. Create two containers and reserve space for vDisks
Correct Answer: D



The external identity source (e.g., Active Directory) is unavailable.
Which account should be utilized as the Emergency Local Account for both Prism Element and the CVM?

A. Administrator
B. root
C. admin
D. nutanix
Correct Answer: D


The Linux administration team has requested access rights to any current or future Linux VM in the environment What
an entity should be selected when assigning this new role?

A. Image
B. AHV Cluster
C. Category
D. Project
Correct Answer: D


An administrator needs to take a single node down for maintenance. Which two steps should the administrator take?
(Choose two)

A. Make sure Auto Evacuation is enabled
B. Shut down or live to migrate all VMs off of the node.
C. Verify the data resiliency status of the cluster.
D. Reclaim the licenses to the Nutanix Support Portal.
Correct Answer: BC



What are two minimum prerequisites for live migration to succeed? (Choose two.)

A. All AHV hosts have IP addresses in the same subnet
B. All AHV hosts must be configured on the same VLAN
C. All VMs have an IP address in the same subnet
D. All VMs are configured for the same VLAN
Correct Answer: AB

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