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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 Dumps

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What component of the project scope definition defines project exclusions?
A. Project boundaries

B. Project constraints
C. Project assumptions
D. Project objectives
200-155 exam Answer: A
What tool and technique is used to determine whether work and deliverables meet requirements and product acceptance criteria?
A. Decomposition
B. Benchmarking
C. Inspection
D. Checklist analysis
Answer: C
Which of the following is an output of Define Scope?
A. Project document updates
B. Project management plan
C. Scope baseline
D. Product analysis
200-155 dumps Answer: A
What is an output of Control Scope?
A. Accepted deliverables
B. Work performance measurements
C. Requirements documentation
D. Work performance information
Answer: B
The decomposition technique is used to do which of the following?
A. Subdivide the estimated costs of individual activities
B. Subdivide project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable components
C. Relate the work packages to the performing organizational units
D. Shorten the project schedule duration and the amount of resources needed
200-155 pdf Answer: B
A project manager needs the project team to make a group decision. Which of the following is a method that can be used to reach a group decision?
A. Expert judgment
B. Majority
C. SWOT analysis
D. Brainstorming
Answer: B
Decomposition is a tool and technique used in which of the following?
A. Define Scope and Define Activities
B. Collect Requirements and Estimate Activity Resources
C. Create WBS and Define Activities
D. Create WBS and Estimate Activity Duration
200-155 vce Answer: C
Which of the following is a tool or technique of the Collect Requirements process?

A. Group decision making techniques
B. Project management information system
C. Alternative identification
D. Communication requirement analysis
Answer: A
Which of the following is an input to Collect Requirements?
A. Stakeholder register
B. Requirements documentation
C. Prototypes
D. Organizational process assets
200-155 exam Answer: A
The use of group creativity techniques as a tool and technique is done in which of the following processes?
A. Plan Quality
B. Collect Requirements
C. Define Scope
D. Perform Quality Control
Answer: B
Which is an input to the Collect Requirements process?
A. Requirement documentation
B. Organizational process assets
C. Requirements management plan
D. Stakeholder register

200-155 dumps Answer: D
Which of the following can be used to track the requirements throughout the project life cycle?
A. Requirements traceability matrix
B. Scope management plan
C. Project charter
D. Work breakdown structure
Answer: A
Which of the following is an example of a group creativity technique?
A. Delphi technique
B. Unanimity
C. Observation
D. Presentation technique
200-155 pdf Answer: A
Which process includes facilitated workshops as a tool and technique?
A. Collect Requirements
B. Plan Communications
C. Develop Project Team
D. Report Performance
Answer: A
Which of the following is a tool or technique used to verify scope?

A. Product analysis
B. Ishikawa diagram
C. Inspection
D. Requirements traceability matrix
200-155 vce Answer: C
Inspection is a tool and technique for which of the following processes?
A. Create WBS
B. Define Scope
C. Control Scope
D. Verify Scope
Answer: D
What is the lowest level in the WBS at which the cost and activity durations for the work can be reliably estimated and managed?
A. Work product
B. Work package
C. Project deliverable
D. Scope baseline
200-155 exam Answer: B
Many organizations categorize requirements into which of the following two categories?
A. Project and Product
B. Staffing and Budget
C. Stakeholder and Customer
D. Business and Technical

Answer: A
Plurality is a type of which of the following?
A. Group creativity techniques
B. Group decision making techniques
C. Facilitated workshops
D. Prototypes
200-155 dumps Answer: B
Which of the following events would result in a baseline update?
A. Your project is behind schedule and you want your baseline to reflect estimated actual completion.
B. Your customer has approved a change request broadening the project scope and increasing the budget.
C. One of the risks identified in the Risk Management Plan occurs resulting in a schedule delay.
D. One of your key project team resources has left your team and no replacement is available.
Answer: B
Which schedule compression technique has phases or activities done in parallel that would normally have been done sequentially?
A. Crashing
B. Fast tracking
C. Leads and lags adjustment
D. Parallel task development
200-155 exam Answer: B
Which schedule development technique modifies the project schedule to account for limited resources?
A. Human resource planning
B. Fast tracking
C. Critical chain method
D. Rolling wave planning
Answer: C
Which schedule development tool and technique produces a theoretical early start date and late start date?
A. Critical path method
B. Variance analysis
C. Schedule compression
D. Schedule comparison bar charts
200-155 dumps Answer: A
What is the minimum a project schedule must include?
A. Variance analysis
B. A planned start date and a planned finish date for each schedule activity
C. A critical path diagram
D. Critical chain analysis
Answer: B
What cost control technique is used to compare actual project performance to planned or expected performance?

A. Cost aggregation
B. Trend analysis
C. Forecasting
D. Variance analysis
200-155 pdf Answer: D
Using the following data, what is the Schedule Performance Index (SPI)?
EV = $500
PV= $750
AC= $1000
BAC= $1200
A. 0.67
B. 1.50
C. 0.75
D. 0.50
Answer: A
Which enterprise environmental factors are considered during cost estimating?
A. Marketplace conditions and commercial databases
B. Marketplace conditions and company structure
C. Commercial databases and company structure
D. Existing human resources and market place conditions
200-155 vce Answer: A
Which process involves aggregating the estimated costs of the individual schedule activities or work packages?
A. Cost baseline
B. Cost forecasting

C. Cost variance
D. Cost budgeting
Answer: D
What is the schedule performance index (SPI) using the following data?
BAC = $100,000
PV = $50,000
AC = $80,000
EV = $40,000
A. 1.00
B. 0.40
C. 0.50
D. 0.80
200-155 exam Answer: D

200-155 Dumps

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