The Competition between Juniper Network and Cisco ACI, VMware NSX in the Cloud

Juniper Network extends Contrail network virtualization platform to public cloud. Juniper Network Contrail Enterprise Multicloud will compete with Cisco ACI and VMware NSX. Juniper Network extends its contrail network virtualization platform to a multiple voice environment, with Cisco and VMware competing more and more businesses running applications on public and private clouds.

Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud is a single software console for coordinating, managing, and monitoring network services for applications running in a cloud computing environment. The new product will not be available until early next year, competing with the cloud version of Cisco’s ACI and VMware’s NSX. The Juniper Network announces that it will provide the Linux Foundation with a code base for Opencontrail (open source version of the Software Definition Network (SDN) coverage). The company said the foundation’s network project would help to push opencontrail deeper into the cloud ecosystem. Part of the reason for Contrail Enterprise Multicloud is the work that Juniper Networks have done over the years to build a private cloud with telecoms companies. Juniper Networks now work with almost all telecom companies around the world to help them develop telecom clouds. In some cases, they have learned how to accomplish this [cloud network] problem.


Technically, Juniper Contrail can compete with ACI and NSX, IDC analyst Brad Casemore said. Juniper has clearly considered the multipath features that Contrail needs to support, as you would expect, the features and capabilities of Juniper Networks are strong. But when it comes to competing with customers, Juniper needs more than just good technology. More companies use Cisco and VMware products in data centers than Juniper Networks. In addition, Cisco has worked with Google to build strong technical relationships with Google’s cloud platform, and VMware has a similar deal with Amazon. Cisco and VMware have aggressively marketed many of their products. Therefore, Juniper network will have to improve and maintain the market share of Contrail Enterprise Multicloud.

Juniper Network announces the launch of a series of new network devices and features designed to improve security through automated policy management. The latest security features include the Junos™ director of space security, the Juniper Director of space Security provides security management functions, and provides a centralized interface for the execution of emerging traditional risk vectors. The company also launched the Sky Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for the first time with SRX4600 next-generation firewall hardware. The new firewall is combined with the latest version of the Junos™ space security director. SRX4600 is designed to protect data flowing in different cloud environments. According to the company, Juniper Network SRX4600 Next-generation firewall optimized to protect the private cloud environment. It also combines with the security director to provide a “single panel” view of the enterprise security environment.

Networking with Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud
Contrail Enterprise Multicloud includes network, security, and network management. The company can purchase three pieces separately, but the new product allows the engineer to manage the trio through the software console located at the top of the centralized contrail controller. For networks in a private cloud, the console relies on virtual network coverage based on the abstract hardware switches that can come from Juniper Networks or third parties. The system also includes a virtual router that provides links to both physical and paragraphs layer network services such as load balancers and firewalls. Through the console, agents can create and distribute policies that adapt to network services and underlying switches to meet application requirements.


The Contrail Enterprise Multicloud features in the public cloud, including Amazon Web services, Google Cloud platforms, and Microsoft Azure, are different because the provider controls the infrastructure. Network operators use the console through the API provided by the cloud provider to program and control workload coverage services. Juniper Network software also uses the local cloud API to collect profiling information.

Other Juniper Contrail Enterprise multicloud function
Network administrators can use the console to configure and control gateways to the public cloud and define and assign policies for cloud-based virtual firewalls. The Appformix Cloud environment management software of juniper Network can also be accessed through console. Appformix provides policy monitoring and application as well as software-based infrastructure analysis. Engineers can configure products to handle day-to-day network tasks. Juniper Network, Cisco and VMware’s cloud-related work is recognizing that the boundaries of the enterprise data center are being redrawn. Casemore says: Data center network providers have to redefine their value proposition in multiple worlds.

In fact, more and more companies are reducing the number of hardware and software running in private data centers by moving workloads to the public cloud. According to IDC, cloud services revenue grew nearly 29% per cent in the first half of 2017 years, up from $63 billion.