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Exam Name: Microsoft Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016
Q&As: 107

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At the Desktop > Background node a Desktop background image is configured for the users. If an
administrator creates a Building Block of this setting, what will happen with that image?
A. The background image will be inserted into the Building Block.
B. It is not possible to create a Building Block of items containing images.
C. The background image will be stored in an additional file.
D. All settings will be included, but the background image is ignored.
70-743 exam Correct Answer: C
RES Workspace Manager is configured to monitor CPU usage to prevent bad applications from disturbing
other sessions. What happens when an application takes too much processing time?
RES Workspace Manager will:
A. Lower the process priority so the operating system will only run it in leftover CPU time.
B. Kill the application after notifying the user about the misbehaving process.
C. Automatically move the running instance to a free server, if available.
D. Pause the application, notify the user, and continue the application when there’s enough free
Correct Answer: A
An administrator wants to be notified by e-mail when a user installs an application. What is the easiest way
to accomplish this?
A. Create an e-mail notification type and set the alerting option `User installed Applications- Applications
installed’ to this notification type.
B. Set the Administrator e-mail address in the alerting option `User installed Applications- Applications
C. Create a custom e-mail task and attach this to all applications.
D. Create a notification type and select the option `Applications installed’.
70-743 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
With application license control enabled for all applications, where can an administrator find a detailed
report on application license usage?
A. In Usage Tracking
B. In Instant Reports
C. In Modification Log
D. In Workspace Analysis
Correct Answer: A
Can the option “Windows Shell Shortcut creation: Do Nothing” be used in combination with the RES
Workspace Manager Shell?
A. Yes, and applications will not be managed.
B. Yes, and the session will not be managed.
C. No, RES Workspace Manager will not continue when the session is started
D. No, RES Workspace Manager will automatically revert to `Replace’.

70-743 pdf Correct Answer: D
A Workspace Container can be used to organize the RES Workspace Manager environment in the
following ways:
1. By computer type (e.g. laptops, desktops, terminal servers)
2. By customer (e.g. hosting multiple environments on shared infrastructure)
3. By hardware requirements (e.g. amount of RAM or processor present)
4. By functionality (e.g. basic and advanced desktop environments)
A. 1 and 3 only
B. 1 and 4 only
C. 1, 2 and 4 only
D. 1, 3 and 4 only
Correct Answer: C
When using E- Mail Templates with Microsoft App-V, the MAPI profile will be created
A. On the Microsoft App-V Server.
B. On the user’s home drive.
C. In the virtual environment.
D. In the Datastore.
70-743 vce 
Correct Answer: C
Which rules can be used with Zones?
1. USB serial number
2. Active Directory Site
3. Hardware requirement
4. Terminal Server listener name
A. 1 and 2 only
B. 3 and 4 only
C. 1, 3 and 4 only
D. 1, 2, 3 and 4
Correct Answer: D
Which VMware multi-pathing scheme should be used to avoid non-owning access with HDS modular
storage systems with multiple VMware servers?
A. Most Recently Used (MRU)
B. Fixed
C. Round-Robin
D. Extended Round-Robin
70-743 exam Answer: B
A customer is using Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) on a Universal Storage Platform (USP) V
and runs an Oracle database on HDP Volumes allocated to a HDP Pool. The customer is experiencing
unexpected growth of the database and a lack of capacity in the HDP Pool. What should be done?
A. Build a new HDP Pool using the same disk and RAID type and migrate the DP-Volumes to the new
B. Build a new HDP Pool using any disk and any RAID type and migrate the DP-Volumes to the new pool.
C. Extend the existing HDP Pool with Pool Volumes using the same RAID and disk type.
D. Extend the existing HDP Pool with Pool Volumes using any RAID and disk type.
Answer: C
Which two statements are true about the Hitachi Tuning Manager Agent for RAID Product Interval (PI)
record type? (Choose two.)
A. Performance data is collected by the Agent Collector at specified intervals and summarized for every
B. Configuration data is collected by the Agent Collector at specified intervals and summarized for every
C. Performance Reporter can directly access Product Interval records through Hitachi Tuning Manager.
D. Product Interval.
70-743 dumps Answer:AC
A customer, which runs a large Web server farm as an Internet service and hosting provider, wants to
consolidate the data from all these servers from the internal server disks to an iSCSI SAN solution which
uses a Universal Storage Platform (USP) V as the storage system. The IO is generally random read in
small block size. Which two RAID Group configurations would you recommend for the USP V? (Choose
A. RAID1 2+2
B. RAID1 4+4 C. RAID5 7+1
D. RAID6 6+2
Answer: CD
What happens when the Extended Round-Robin load balancing algorithm is used with an LDEV that
is executing only random type IOs?
A. Performance will be severely impacted.
B. Load balancing will be disabled for this LDEV.
C. Round-Robin will be used.
D. HGLAM will be notified of this inconsistency.
70-743 pdf Answer: C
Which three metrics aid in calculating how long a block of data remains available in cache after its last
access? (Choose three.)
A. IOPS rate into the cache partition or storage system

B. number of available cache segments
C. the cache hit rate
D. average response time
E. average LUN queue size
Answer: ABC

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