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Exam Code: 70-638
Exam Name: TS:MS Office Communications Server 2007, Configuring
Q&As: 123

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You’ve been asked to look at out-sourcing and off-shoring the Service Desk Which of these
options is the most critical to your evaluation?
A. Sarbanes Oxley
B. ITIL awareness and compliance
C. The cost of management
D. Removing the need to manage people and problems
70-638 exam Answer: C
Which of these options would be an advantage you could confidently highlight when
recommending outsourcing to your organization?
A. It will facilitate improved staffing flexibility
B. It will eliminate staffing problems
C. It will improve the profitability of the organization
D. It will improve service performance
Answer: A
Which of these options best describes one of the recognised disadvantages of outsourcing?
A. Responsibility for day-to-day operations is lost
B. The quality of service received is reduced
C. The volume of Incidents and Service requests increases
D. Costs may be higher if the service supply chain is not adequately defined
70-638 dumps Answer: D
What is the best definition of in-sourcing?
A. Using a 3rd party to provide services previously provided by your own staff
B. Bringing a previously out-sourced service back to your organisation
C. Bringing a 3rd party onto your premises to deliver a service
D. Bringing contractors onto your premises to deliver certain services
Answer: B
As part of an investigation into outsourcing, which of the following would be a major consideration
for the SLA?
A. Legal terms and covenants
B. Management policies
C. SACM details
D. Reviews and their frequency
70-638 pdf Answer: D
If you are outsourcing your support operation, which of these Service Level issues should be
A. Clarity on penalties and performance levels
B. Internal end-to-end OLAs and penalties
C. The salaries of staff to be transferred
D. The capabilities of the outsourcers ITSM system
Answer: A
Which of these options is the best description of right-sourcing?
A. A number of providers in competition for out-sourced services
B. A single provider delivering all of an organizations services
C. A number of providers delivering all of an organizations services
D. A number of providers providing some of an organizations services
70-638 vce Answer: D
Which of these options would you consider to be the most important to support right-sourcing?
A. Appropriate premises
B. Contract staff
C. Geographic location
D. Processes and procedures
Answer: B
Which of these options is a benefit of right-sourcing?
A. It enables the utilisation of effective external options
B. It enables the correct cultural mix within the workplace
C. It eliminates the culture of waste in the organisation
D. It meets team objectives by improving IT services
70-638 exam Answer: A
Your manager has asked you to undertake a PR exercise to promote the Service Desk to the
business; which of these options would best describe your main objectives for this exercise?
A. Educating users on the value of the Service Desk and the explaining the content of the SLA
B. Increasing the visibility of the Service Desk and clarifying user responsibilities and benefits
C. Raising user awareness of the Service Desks opening hours and providing job descriptions
D. Dictating user behaviour and improving user satisfaction
Answer: B
You are in the process of developing a programme of activities to promote the Service Desk. You
believe this is a very important aspect of your role and that all promotional activities should meet
your objectives. Which of these options describes one of those objectives?
A. Managing your managers expectations
B. Managing your teams expectations
C. Managing your users expectations
D. Managing your own expectations
70-638 dumps Answer: C
You are planning a promotion campaign to raise customer awareness of the Service Desk and the
benefits it brings to the business. Which of these activities would be most effective in doing this?
A. Offer customers the opportunity to experience life on the Service Desk
B. Provide induction training and team-building away-days
C. Give all customers a stress ball with Service Desk contact details printed on it
D. Schedule your staff to floor walk at regular intervals
Answer: D
Which of these options is a key component of a marketing programme?
A. Defining the message and communicating to the relevant audience
B. Identifying the key customers
C. Targeting messages to all IT
D. Communication to all stakeholders in a similar manner
70-638 pdf Answer: A
Identify a key component of a good internal communications programme
A. Feedback mechanisms to test SLAs
B. Cleverly crafted and worded documents
C. Clarity on the messages to be communicated
D. Use of promotional materials mugs, mouse mats etc.
Answer: C
Which of the following options would NOT be essential in helping you to manage your
stakeholders expectations?
A. Specifying individual service feedback mechanisms
B. Creating a Service Catalogue with service offerings clearly defined
C. Defining service levels that balance resources and capabilities with business requirements
D. Offering multiple channels to provide information about the Service Desk
70-638 vce Answer: A
What steps should you take to manage the service expectations of stakeholders?
A. Use KPIs to calculate service ROI
B. Build SLAs based on IT measures
C. Build a catalogue of systems for all customers
D. Use customer surveys to identify business needs
Answer: D

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