The latest CompTIA Server+ SK0-004 exam Practice Questions and Answers

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Server+ covers server architecture, administration, storage, security, networking, troubleshooting as well as disaster recovery.

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Latest effective CompTIA Server+ SK0-004 Exam Practice Tests

An administrator is updating theserver infrastructure atacompany\\’s disaster recovery site. Currently, an enormous
amount of effortisrequired by theadministratorto replicate operations. Which of the followingtypes of siteis the
administrator currently using?
A. Cold site
B. Hot site
C. Warm site
D. Replication site
Correct Answer: A

A new server has two drives and a RAID controller. Which of the following is an option for configuring the storage on this
D. RAID 10
Correct Answer: A

A technician receives an error messagewhentrying to boot the server stating the operating system was not found.
Change management logs indicateanew hard drive backplane was installed in the server last night. Which of the
following should the technician do FIRST when troubleshooting the issue?
A. Check system board cables
B. Rebuild RAID array
C. Reinstall server OS
D. Remove newly installed hardware
Correct Answer: A

A system administrator is tasked to setup a database server with failover clustering feature enabled. One of the
requirements is to have one database running at all times with data being synchronizedand replicated to the idle
database in case the primary database server fails. Both servers will be monitored by a witness on a LUN. Which of the
followingcluster techniques should be implemented to meet these requirements?
A. Active/Active
B. Active/Passive
C. Single Local Quorum
D. Passive/Passive
E. Shared Multiple Quorum
Correct Answer: B

A technician notices a rack mounted server is beeping without booting up. The NEXT step to diagnose this issue would
be to:
A. continue to power cycle the server until it boots normally.
B. count the beeps and reference the service manual.
C. disable the alarm within the server.
D. install the server into a different rack.
Correct Answer: B

A company is planning to replace old hardware and needs to budget accordingly. Which of the following is likely to
contain a list of end of life servers?
A. The server\\’s warranty information.
B. The server\\’s life cycle schedule.
C. The asset management database.
D. The software licensing agreement.
Correct Answer: C

A server administrator wants to upgrade the memory of the server using two memory modules. The server has two
banks of memorywith the followingslotsavailable: A2, A3, A4, B2, B3, and B4. In whichof the following two slotsshould
theadministrator install the additional RAM?
A. Slots A2 and A3
B. Slots A2 and B2
C. Slots A2 and B4
D. Slots B2 and B3
Correct Answer: B

Server A hosts a mission-critical business application. The server has one disk and one NIC. The administrator has
been asked to implement a solution to meet the business requirement that the application must maintain high
availability, even in case of a hardware failure. Which of the following BEST meets this requirement?
A. Configure failover clustering using Server A and a new server.
B. Add multiple disks on the server and configure RAID 5.
C. Add an additional NIC and configure the NIC as standby.
D. Move the application to another server that has more resources.
Correct Answer: A

A technician is upgrading the memory in a server. The server requires DDR3 Registered DIMMs. The server
hasfourbanks ofthreeslots for memory and currently there is one 2GBmodule in each bank. When the technician
attempts to add eight more 4GB modules of DDR3unbuffered ECC memory,the memory does notfit in the slots. Which
of the following is thecause ofthis issue?
A. In a bank, 2GB and 4GB memory cannot be mixed.
B. The server cannot use ECC memory.
C. The server requires fully buffered memory.
D. The total memory on the server cannot exceed 24GB of RAM.
Correct Answer: C

A server technician is connecting a server to a switch in the server room. Both the server and the switch are equipped
with 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Which of the following cable choices would produce the BEST throughput?
A. CAT6 rollover cable
B. CAT5e straight-through cable
C. CAT6 straight-through cable
D. CAT5e crossover cable
Correct Answer: C

In an effort to reduce recovery time during hardware failures, a server administrator needs to implement a backup
method that will allow for complete OS and service/application recovery as long as compatible hardware is available.
Which of the following backup types meets this requirement?
A. Incremental
B. Bare metal
C. Snapshot
D. Full
Correct Answer: B

When attempting to diagnose service access issues between multiple hosts that coordinateinformation, whichof the
followingcan be used to track dependencies?
A. Dataflow diagrams
B. Architecture diagrams
C. Baseline documentation
D. Service manuals
Correct Answer: A

A technician wants to implement a grandfather-father-son tape rotation policy. Which of the following implements this
backup strategy?
A. Assign a different set of tapes for daily, weekly, and monthly backups.
B. Use a different set of tapes for every two, four, and eight days.
C. Designate a different set of tapes for odd-day and even-day backups.
D. Use a queue to rotate tapes based on the age and usage of the tape.
Correct Answer: A

CompTIA Server+ certified candidates can work in any environment because it is the only vendor-neutral certification covering the major server platforms. It is the only industry certification that covers the latest server technologies including virtualization, security and network-attached storage.

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