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Exam Code: 300-135
Exam Name: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT v2.0)
Updated: Aug 23, 2017
Q&As: 118

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 300-135 dumps

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A customer wants to discuss manual site failover design. The solution design must guarantee the
replication of file system snapshots. What should the customer use?
A. TrueCopy
B. Intelligent Data Replication
C. Incremental Data Replication
D. Transfer Primary Access
300-135 exam Answer: A
A customer has a Hitachi AMS2100 attached to a 2-node Hitachi NAS Platform 3090 cluster. They
initially purchased 15 TB and have just purchased an additional 5 TB. They now need to expand
their existing storage pools. What must be considered when expanding the storage pools?
A. All system drives must be of the same size in terms of capacity.
B. All system drives must be offline.
C. All system drives must be in the same system drive group.
D. All storage pools must be offline.
Answer: A
A production Hitachi NAS Platform is connected to a Hitachi VSP with a storage pool consisting of
SATA drives. To improve performance, the customer wants to migrate to SAS drives on an
externalized Hitachi AMS2300 with minimal customer involvement and minimal impact to the
system and users. Which two products should be deployed? (Choose two.)
A. Hitachi Universal Replicator
B. Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager
C. Hitachi Device Manager
D. Hitachi Tuning Manager
300-135 dumps Answer: B,C
A customer is planning to use the JetMirror functionality on their Hitachi NAS Platform. Which two
are required from the customer to plan the implementation? (Choose two.)
A. the size of the storage pools in use
B. the number of files used
C. the distance to the destination system
D. if systems are managed by a common SMU
Answer: C,D
Which three documents are required deliverables as part a Hitachi NAS Platform data migration
service? (Choose three.)
A. the file system migration workbook
B. the network topology diagram
C. the NAS service workbook
D. the NAS migration hardware configuration sheet
E. the hardware inventory sheet
300-135 pdf Answer: A,C,D
A customer must have 24/7 uptime on their Hitachi NAS Platform 4-node 3200 cluster. They need
to complete a major upgrade on each of the 4 nodes and must have a method of failing over their
production services to a non-production cluster. Which two topics must be discussed with the
customer prior to the major upgrade? (Choose two.)
A. automatic failover using HiTrack
B. the purchase of a backup cluster
C. establishing a Server Farm
D. use of MPIO for failover
Answer: B,C
A customer environment consists of a Hitachi NAS Platform 3090 cluster connected to a Hitachi
AMS2500 with SATA disk drives in RAID-6 configuration. The customer is using this solution
primarily for data backup and is expecting optimal write performance and optimal reliability. Which
“SATA Write & Compare” mode should be used?
A. SATA Write & Compare Full
B. SATA Write & Compare Enabled
C. SATA Write & Compare Disabled
D. SATA Write & Compare Optimal
300-135 vce Answer: B
When configuring iSCSI initiators, which two must be configured to facilitate dynamic target
(server) discovery from the Hitachi NAS platform? (Choose two.)
A. the iSCSI LUN
B. the iSCSI target portal
C. the iSCSI IQN
D. the iSNS
Answer: B,D
A customer has a Hitachi NAS Platform 3100 cluster dual fabric attached to a Hitachi AMS 2000
Family storage system in a fault tolerant configuration containing multiple EVSs.. What would
cause all of the EVSs to fail?
A. The preferred SD path fails.
B. An AMS controller fails.
C. The SIM blade fails.
D. A SAN switch fails.
300-135 exam Answer: C
The administrator of a production Hitachi NAS Platform 3200 wants to maximize potential
performance and fault tolerance to an attached Hitachi USP V storage system. Which
configuration should be used?
A. Use hports 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Hitachi NAS Platform to connect to different FED ports on
cluster 1 of the USP V.
B. Use hports 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Hitachi NAS Platform to connect to FEDs on cluster 1 and
cluster 2 of the USP V.
C. Use hports 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the Hitachi NAS Platform to connect to different FED ports on
cluster 1 of the USP V.
D. Use hports 1, 3, 5 and 7 of the Hitachi NAS Platform to connect to FEDs on cluster 1 and
cluster 2 on the USP V.
Answer: D
A customer has a heterogenous server and desktop operating systems environment. Users are
experiencing authentication issues across multiple OS platforms. Which business-related qualifiers
are relevant for designing a Hitachi NAS Platform solution to resolve these issues?
A. backup window and SLAs
B. type of external authentication
C. number of concurrent sessions/users
D. type of users’ tasks and responsibilities
300-135 dumps Answer: B
Your customer is planning to purchase a Hitachi NAS Platform model 3200 cluster. Which type of
optical 10 GbE interface will they need for their network switches?
A. Twinax
Answer: D
A customer with a Hitachi NAS Platform 3100 wants to implement anti-virus scanning. In which
Hitachi NAS Platform related document do you find information about supported anti-virus scan
engine software?
A. the Access Control List (ACL)
B. the Administration Guide
C. the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) list
D. the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
300-135 pdf Answer: C
A customer wants to use the data migration function with their Hitachi NAS Platform. Which three
criteria are used by this function? (Choose three.)
A. by last access
B. by source file system block size
C. by file name
D. by path
E. by protocol type
Answer: A,C,D
You are asked to design a Hitachi NAS Platform solution for a customer with existing Hitachi
storage systems installed. The existing storage and SAN infrastructure should be used wherever
possible. Which two can be re-used? (Choose two.)
A. spare Qlogic 2310 HBAs
B. Fibre Channel switches
C. Hitachi AMS500 storage systems
D. Hitachi 7700E storage systems
300-135 vce Answer: B,C
You are designing a Hitachi NAS Platform solution to migrate files to a Hitachi Content Platform
(HCP). Which configuration method must be used?
A. Use the connector wizard.
B. Use the CLI command xvl-path-add.
C. Use the CLI command external-path-add.
D. Use the CLI command migration-add-external-path.
Answer: D
The administrator of a production Hitachi NAS Platform connected to a Hitachi AMS2300 requires
file level replication to another Hitachi NAS Platform. However, there is a concern over the large
numbers of files and about the high change rate as the replication time window is small. What
should be done to reduce the replication time?
A. Use Transfer Primary Access.
B. Use the changed directory list option.
C. Migrate the admin EVS to the node replicating the data.
D. Create an additional IP address on the source EVS.
300-135 exam Answer: B

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